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29. September 2019

40x ultra triathlon statistics by disciplines and days

From 28th of September until 6th of November I have organised myself a 40x day-by-day format ultra triathlon in the harsh conditions of Fuerteventura. That means 40 consecutive days of a 3,8 km swim followed by cycling 180 km and running a full marathon of 42,2 km. Altogether it will be 152 km in the water, 7200 km on a bike and 1688 km running. Last year I organised myself a 20x ultra triathlon on the same island and set an unofficial world record of 238:52:34.

The event is especially challenging due to the mountainous terrain of Fuerteventura and the constant strong winds and scorching sun. The bike route has an ascent of 2080 meters which means that during the 40 day period I will have to climb mountains equivalent to more than 9 Mount Everest’s (83160 vertical meters of ascent). The profile of my bike route can be seen on the picture above.

Photo: Jakob Meier

After the cycling awaits me a 42,2 km run in extreme conditions as the heat reaches its peak around 3 PM. That means that the first half marathon has to be run in the hottest weather Fuerteventura has to offer. The running route has also a lot of ascending and descending meters (336 m) that are characteristical to the landscape. Last year I finished all of my 20 marathons in under 4 hours and I am planning to to the same this year.

Photo: Jakob Meier

In the charts below you can see how much time I spend daily in the water, cycling, running and changing between them. There is also information about my sleep quantity and heart rates.