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13. July 2020

20 marathons in 20 days under 3 hours - numbers and statistics

From July 13 until August 1 I organised myself a challenge - 20 full marathons (42.2 km) in 20 consecutive days with the coal of running all marathons in less than 3 hours. 

Running a marathon on consecutive days is not difficult for me. I have done this many times in my previous challenges. For instance, last November I finished a 40-times ultra triathlon. That means 40 consecutive days of a 3,8 km swim followed by cycling 180 km and running a full marathon of 42.2 km (see more here and here). A year before that, I finished 20-times ultra triathlon (see more here).
Photo: Jakob Meier

This year's challenge was difficult due to time pressure and high running speed. To run a marathon under 3 hours, I must run at least an average speed of 14.1 km/h. This means that the average speed of 1 km is 4 min and 16 sec.

The table below shoes how long I ran a marathon each day, how much energy I spent, what was my average heart rate and how much I slept at night.